How to clean his canvas shoes ?



Every summer, canvas shoes follow us everywhere and become our best fashion ally. Light and comfortable, these shoes are a must during this summer period.

But unfortunately, between our barbeque nights and our shopping sprees, our canvas shoes are only clean for a short time. Good maintenance is essential for them to last as long as possible. Here is a quick overview to finally know how to clean your canvas shoes.


1 – The washing machine, the quick method

The first method is the most obvious method : the use of the washing machine. Unsurprisingly, she will do all the work for us (technology is beautiful !). Some parameters to take into account however, set the machine at 30 degrees and without spinning. Also remember to remove the insole and laces, the washing machine will not do it for you ;) Beware of successive washing that can damage the structure of our canvas shoes (collages, etc.).


2 – Hand cleaning, the effective method

This is the method I prefer and I use because it allows you to focus on the most difficult stains unlike the washing machine. To clean his canvas shoes by hand, you will need a liquid cleaner, a brush and a container of warm water.

Fill a container with warm water (be careful, the warm damage the shoe !) And add a dose of liquid cleaner. Using a brush, the shoe is evenly rubbed even on areas that look clean. It also works with a toothbrush ! The inside of the canvas shoe should not be neglected and should also be cleaned. Renew the brushing until you get the desired rendering.


3 – For white shoes

Baking soda, the all-purpose powder

Rub your shoes with a brush soaked in warm water, dish soap and sprinkled with baking soda. Rinse with a sponge.

Lemon juice & other tips

Warm soapy water with lemon juice or white vinegar can also be effective in catching up with white canvas shoes.
Less efficient than the bicarbonate / dishwashing mix, or the dishwashing product, white vinegar, toothpaste and alcohol can also be useful for cleaning white canvas shoes.

Javel, always effective

For the most stubborn stains on white sneakers, bleach is the best option as a liquid cleanser. Be careful however to colorful patterns that may not like the treatment !


4 – Drying

And finally, a last trick, prefer drying in the open air to avoid halos.

Clearly, if you want to clean your canvas shoes, follow these tips and you will find your shoes like the first day !

Feel free to complete this article by mentioning your best techniques for cleaning your canvas shoes in the comments. In the meantime, I let you discover our different tips !

Thank’s ;)

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