White sneakers : How to clean them up and restore them to shine ?


How to restore whiteness to his white sneakers that have lost their brillance ?

Stan Smith, Nike, Air Force One, Adidas Superstar, No Name, Victoria or other, we all have a pair of white sneakers in our dressing room. It has become a classic. With boyfriend jeans, a boyish tailor or a party dress, you can wear them with absolutely anything and you simply can not do without it. Except that here, who says white says necessarily messy, and keep a bright white is almost impossible. With time (and after many foot crushes in the subway) the material wears out, gets dirty, and the color loses its luster. RIP the immaculate white of the beginnings. Come on, dry your tears, we have for you some simple tricks to achieve to find shoes as pure as the snow of winter.


It is important to note that cleaning is not camouflaging. Liquid concealer and white marker are therefore of course to banish ! Different cleaning techniques are offered to you, with simple products, that you will be able to find easily at your place or in store.

  •  Your white shoes are made of fabric :

A sponge, water and a little white vinegar will remove the brown marks on your shoes. For small stains not yet encrusted, you can use an eraser, it’s very effective. No need to tell you that you choose a white eraser, not half-red half-blue… on white I do not even explain the damage ! Concerning the traces of grass, a brush (soft hair) slightly impregnated with 90° alcohol will do very well. And do not forget the laces : wash them by hand by rubbing them with a soap or pass them to the washing machine. After cleaning your shoes, think of drying them with a clean tea towel. And especially, never put your shoes to dry near a heat source, you would damage them.

  •  Your white shoes are made of leather :

Jackpot, leather is the simplest material to clean. Indeed, unlike the canvas, the leather does not absorb, so it will be so-called « superficial » stains. I advise you to rub your white sneakers with antibacterial gel (one that is used without water) on a tissue, no stain will resist it. Cleansing milk is also a great weapon against stains ! Used regularly, it is even a good way to maintain your white shoes. Likewise, the remover works very well against fat.

Do not forget, the washing machine is to be avoided ! You risk doing serious damage to your precious sneakers. The white fabric comes out yellowish, and you can end up with shoes deformed or torn according to their original wear. To avoid then, under penalty of uncontrollable grief.


If your pair of sneakers has suffered a little and the original white becomes gray, take a sponge, imbibes it with a mixture of soapy water (preferably Marseille soap), baking soda and lemon and gently rub them. Rinse with a dry towel and let your sneakers dry in the open air. In Plan B, go to the baby department of your supermarket to get baby wipes ! You find that strange ? Test them to wipe any dirt and you’ll see how effective baby wipes are. So do not hesitate to polish your white sneakers with one or two wipes to restore their brilliance. For the sole, nothing more simple. A little toothpaste applied using a used toothbrush !

Adopting white sneakers is not easy. We must commit to cherish them. Your white sneakers are just as fragile as suede boots… And for good reason, white sneakers deteriorate very quickly, and if we do not take the time to clean them every time we wear them, the dazzling white of the first days turns very quickly into a dull gray. Maintaining them regularly is the assurance of a bright color that lasts.

Now, you’ll be able to proudly strut yourself with white sneakers (almost) like new. White they were yesterday, white they will be tomorrow too !



Feel free to complete this article by mentioning your best techniques for cleaning your white shoes in the comments. In the meantime, I let you discover our different tips !

Good road to you with KissMyShoe ! ;)


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